Cable Trays

ARC FRP cable trays are developed for a comprehensive range of cable management needs in environments beyond reach of conventional materials where corrosion resistance and lasting mechanical performance are key requirements.

Constructed from glass reinforced thermoset isopthalic polyester fire retardant resins, ARC Cable Support Systems are designed and manufactured with a structural integrity normally only associated with steel and aluminum, but without their corrosion, weight and electrical conductivity problems.
UV stabilizers & Fire retardants are added to enhance the properties. We manufacture cable trays by means of the pultrusion process, with a combination of cross strand glass mat which is resin soaked and pulled through a die to produce a very solid structurally sound profile. Our FRP Cable Trays can be supplied in a variety of sizes along with a comprehensive array of fittings to cater for any project large or small.

ARC FRP cable trays can be supplied either as the cable tray or with the uniquely designed ‘Click-fit-Lid’ so it is fully enclosed. All our cable trays can easily be fabricated onsite or, offsite.

All ARC Cable Tray Systems (CTS) are designed using high strength to weight ratio pultruded structural composite profiles. The ARC CTS are manufactured as per:
• NEMA FG 1: 1993 Rev. 1 (1994)
• IS 6746: 1994
• ONGC 4000 S
• EIL-50 OEDS - 422 Rev. 4

Installation way of our cable trays are flexible. They could be laid overhead along with the process pipeline, lifted between floors and girders, installed on inside and outside wall, pillar wall, tunnel wall, furrow bank, also could be installed on the open air upright post or rest pier. ARC cable trays could be laid horizontally, vertically. They could turn angle, divided according to "T" beam or crossly, could be widened, heightened, changed track.

On large projects, our cable systems have the ability to adapt to the said project and we are more than willing to discuss your requirements.

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