Fiberglass Earthing Discharge Rod

ARC Insulations is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass earthing discharge rod. Our discharging rod is made of epoxy resin and boron free fiberglass roving pultrusion tubes, which are safe for exposing the worker to a large risk of electric shock.

Our hot sticks are manufactured from the highest grade electrical rated fiberglass and meet or exceed all applicable industry performance criteria including ASTM F711, ASTM F1826, and OSHA 1926.951(d).or IEC 60060 and IS 2071 part.
Application :

ARC Earthing discharge rod is designed to protect people working at de-energized overhead lines or bus bar. This unique product provides 100% safety, against an unexpected return of power on network.
By attaching different tools to the end of the hot stick, a worker can use discharge rod for below applications,

  • Test for voltage
  • Tighten nuts and bolts
  • Brush items
  • Prune foliage
  • Prune foliage
  • Connect tie wires
  • Install insulating sleeves
  • Disconnect switches
  • Replace cutout tubes and reclose
  • Remove pole covers
  • Replace bulbs
  • And complete many other overhead tasks

Electrically Insulated Telescoping Tools have maximum convenience for the linemen because they permit them to perform many routine jobs from ground level.

Specification :

  • Fiber glass discharge rod manufactured from high quality epoxy resin.
  • Products manufactured in automatic pultrusion plant, ¬†hence, strong and sturdy.
  • Super smooth glossy finish prevents moisture.
  • Excellent dielectric strength.
  • Unique Telescopic design easy to assemble & easy to operate.
  • Equipped with FRP/Rubber insulator to increase creepage distance.
  • Bottom provided with slip resistance rubber grip.
  • Canvas cover bag for protection of equipment.
  • Tested as per IS & IEC standard.

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