FRP Sheets

ARC FRP sheets are fiber-glass reinforced polyester sheets designed in compliance with international quality standards for use in various industries and segments such as chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, cosmetics, civil construction, offices and institutions, electrical engineering, tanks and lab equipment, etching equipment, semiconductor processing equipment and so on.
Our FRP sheets can be used for any kind of surface applications. It solves the problems of clearance and installation difficulty, easy pitting, distortion and abrasion, and poor performance on durability and collision found in its traditional alternatives. FRP panels have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, ultra violet resistance, aging resistance, corrosion proof, high intensity, light weight, anti-distortion, attrition proof, beautiful and comfortable appearance.  

We design and manufacture an exclusive array of FRP sheets that are acknowledged for the following features:
  • Volume resistivity
  • Surface resistivity
  • Arc resistance
  • Comparative tracking index Non-hygroscopic

These FRP sheets can preserve the dielectric properties even in existence of high humidity with following regards:
  • Capable of withstanding continuous temperatures up to 1400 C
  • Anti-corrosive and resistant to most acids, alkalis & chemicals
  • Weather able and suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions
  • Self-colored
  • Les maintenance
  • Light weight, strong, stiff and clean

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