GFRP Rebar

ARC GFRP Rebars are being made as per ACI 440 guidelines and stringent quality measures undertaken at every stage, enabling it to deliver impeccable end products. For many years, there have been many studies on the corrosion issue with steel rebars, and the interest in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) has arisen recently as prospective substitute for steel. Careful consideration on potential of FRP rebar to fill the cost and performance needs may suggest appropriate solutions.

Glass fiber-reinforced polymer rebar is one of the new products on the market that could offer a number of benefits to the construction and tunneling industry.
Fiberglass rebar may be a suitable alternative to steel reinforcing in:

  • Architectural Concrete:¬† column facades, window lentils, architectural precast elements, hand railing, and ¬†fountains, etc.
  • Concrete exposed to de-icing salts in: bridge decks, railroad grade crossings, median barriers, parking garage elements, and salt storage facilities, etc.
  • Concrete exposed to marine salts in: seawalls, water breaks, buildings & structures near waterfront, aquaculture operations, and floating marine docks, etc.
  • Concrete used near electromagnetic equipment such as: MRI rooms in hospitals, airport radio & compass calibration pads, and concrete near high voltage cables, transformers, substations, etc.

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