GRP Pipe

ARC GRP Pipes are made through a superior filament winding process in a modern plant in Kolkata. Arc Is capable to produce of producing pipes from diameter of 100 mm to 3000 mm  and lengths of 6 meter each. GRP Pipes fittings as per client requirement, can also be made.
Grp Pipes are used in both underground and over-ground applications. GRP Pipes are extensively used in the following industries:
  1. Drinking water transportation by Municipalities across the world.
  2. Power plants for sea water intake and transportation to the plant.
  3. Sewage and waste water transportation by municipalities across the world.
  4. Storm water drainage.
  5. Cooling water supply and discharge by power plants.
  6. Relining applications
  7. Reservoir for chemical plants.

GRP Pipes are produced in accordance with all the national and international standards like IS, ISO, BS, DIN, ASTM and AWWA. GRP Pipes are made by filament winding process with isopthalic, vinyl ester resins, E-glass and ECR Glass and Quartz sand. Production is done on a CNC Machine enabling good quality output with proper finish. 

Key advantages of GRP Pipes include :

  • GRP Pipes are ¼th of the weight of Ductile iron pipes, steel pipes and 1/10th of the weight of concrete pipes.
  • Grp pipes installation provide significant savings in installation over traditional pipes as installation is very easy. Installation is fast and reliable with EPDM Gaskets . Adjustment to pipes on site is easy as GRP pipes can be easily cut and finished as per required lengths.
  • Grp pipes do not require linings, cathode protection, coatings,  wraps and other forms of corrosion protection.
  • Overall maintenance cost is very low as compared to traditional materials.
  • Smoother inside walls provide savings from pipe diameters and also lower power cost due to low consumption in pumping lines.
  • Grp pipes do not conduct electricity and hence are not affected by induction flows.
Elastic Characteristics of the GRP Pipes accommodates earth movements.

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