Today Fiberglass Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic ("FRP") is being used in many industrial product applications, including the storage and transfer of corrosive materials or the handling of other materials in corrosive environments. While FRP piping has a 30-year history, it is considered a modern day product material with many new emerging applications that take advantage of its corrosion resistance, strength-to-weight ratio, low maintenance and life cycle cost.

One should not confuse FRP piping with ordinary thermoplastic piping like PVC and polyethylene. Those thermoplastic systems typically employ non-reinforced extruded pipe and injection-molded fittings and flanges. What strength they have comes from the sheer bulk of material.

By contrast, FRP piping materials are manufactured by winding processes that employ epoxy resins reinforced with continuous glass filaments. The resins used are thermosetting resulting in superior temperature capabilities, while the filament reinforcement makes the piping components mechanically far more capable than ordinary non-reinforced thermoplastics.

Also, one should not confuse hand "lay-up" with machine made FRP products. Hand lay-up manufacturers number in the thousands and include small shops which typically specialize in consumer products, such as bathroom vanities or pleasure boats.

In contrast, machine made pipe manufacturers mass produce on-the-shelf or custom piping for petroleum, commercial, industrial and municipal applications for both domestic and overseas markets. Machine made FRP can have a higher glass loading i.e. denser glass fiber filament/resin product which is more reproducible in a quality controlled environment.

Today the use of FRP machine made piping has grown from its original major use in oil field gathering lines to applications ranging from handling flammable and combustible liquids at retail consumer facilities to sewer and water mains in the municipal and industrial markets.

Following are examples of current FRP piping applications:

  1. Drinking water transportation by Municipalities across the world.
  2. Power plants for sea water intake and transportation to the plant.
  3. Sewage and waste water transportation by municipalities across the world.
  4. Storm water drainage.
  5. Cooling water supply and discharge by power plants.
  6. Relining applications
  7. Reservoir for chemical plants.
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Our products include :

  • GRP Pipe
  • Tube well Strainers

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